A quiet house in Texas is a place where the neighbors are more than friends and family.

In a series called Getaway House, the foursome from The Office, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and The Great Indoors all set up a tiny house with a garage in a small town in Texas to help the people of a small rural town in the middle of the desert.

The house itself is just three-and-a-half feet by four feet and the garage is about six feet tall.

There are no appliances, no electricity, no water, no air conditioning, no running water, and no running lights.

You can see the entire house in a series of videos and pictures posted on Instagram.

The “Getaways” house is located in the Dallas suburb of West Richland Hills.

There’s a little more than 1,500 residents in the small community, according to the website.

But the residents of West Dallas have a very special place in their hearts for the Getaways house.

They call it the “Rabbit House.”

The “Rabbits” house has a large backyard and is a sanctuary for the rabbits that live in the area.

It’s the home of a resident named Amy, who lives there with her husband.

Amy’s a very dedicated rabbit keeper.

She is very well known in the community.

She was one of the original residents who helped to build the Rabbit House.

She lives there now, and she’s very involved in the Rabbit Rescue Project.

Amy is very involved.

She’s also very passionate about the rabbits, and that’s a big part of the attraction of this house.

It has all the necessities.

It comes with all the amenities that you would expect from a quiet house.

There is no running pool, no trash disposal, and a lot of other things that a quiet home would have.

There will be no running fans and no windows, which is great for a rabbit house.

The Rabbit House also has a lot in common with a typical suburban home.

The main house has two bedrooms, and the living room has a garage.

In addition to the house, Amy has a small garden and a yard.

And the kitchen and bathroom are open.

Amy told MTV News that the house was originally designed to be a home for the Rabbit Foundation.

She said it was originally named “Amy and the Rabbit,” and that she and her husband had a vision for it.

The rabbit house also has the same name as the nonprofit that runs the Rabbit Ranch in Texas, which Amy said they started in order to give back to the community in a way that they felt was good for the community and good for Amy and the rabbits.

Amy and her boyfriend have a new dog, and Amy says that the dog has been a huge influence on her life and the rabbit ranch.

Amy said that the couple decided to build a quiet, comfortable home in order for them to be in touch with each other.

Amy described the house as being about six to eight feet by six to 10 feet.

There were no appliances in the house.

Amy says the main purpose of the house is to make it a place that the rabbits can be in a quiet environment.

It also allows the rabbits to have space to run and for them all to have some exercise.

Amy also said that it was important to have a space that was free of clutter.

She also said the house also provides a place for her to spend time with her dog, who has always been a big supporter of the rabbit rescue project.

Amy has spent much of the past six years living in the “Get-aways” mansion.

She told MTV that the experience of living in a house that was a bit of a rabbit haven was a lot different from what she would have expected.

Amy explained that living in The Getaways was not a comfortable experience.

“I think it was a little bit different than living in your own home,” Amy said.

“It was a small place.

There was no privacy, and there was a very small amount of furniture in there.

It was very quiet.

You could hear the other rabbits and the dogs in there, and you could hear everything.

I just thought it was really, really relaxing.”

Amy has always loved the rabbits of West Texas.

She and her family moved there from her hometown of Austin, Texas, in 2011.

Amy met her husband, Tom, when they were young, and they started a rabbit farm together.

Tom said that they started the farm because Amy wanted to have the “family experience” in her own backyard.

The rabbits were given a name: “Rabies.”

Amy said the rabbits have always been her favorite thing about the rabbit community.

Amy shares that she has a soft spot for the rabbit people in West Texas, and it was nice to see how many rabbits there are there in West Dallas.

Amy describes the Rabbit Club as the “home of the rabbits” in West Richlands.

She described the Rabbit Project as