A lot of the Potter series has been rebooted in recent years, but in the case of the Harry series, the reboot didn’t mean much.

It was only after the series was rebooted that a full home was announced for the series.

Now, the show has revealed that a new full house is set to be made, but it will be for the first time ever.

In the teaser video, which is below, we see that the show will take place in a house called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

This is the first full house for the Harry/Potter series.

The teaser video has been leaked by the fans.

The full house will take a look at the main characters, as well as a few other new characters, and a few hints about the new season of the series, including the name of the house.

A lot has been written about the return of the House of the Dead, and we have a few new clues about the house, including a teaser image.

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