A pair of mohonks has been a part of the lifestyle of the people of the City of London for decades.

But for some it has become a way of life, with many people in the UK now wearing them as they commute and get around their homes.

But what is it about the footwear?

Is it cheap?

Are they made from good materials?

How do you get them?

And can you get a pair of them made in India?

Our reporter, Sarah Tynan, spoke to the makers of the shoes, a group called The MOHONKS, and asked them a few questions about their unique brand.

What is a mohonet?

It is an elongated, thin rubber shoe.

Its sole is shaped like a stylised cross and is attached by a metal clip.

It has a rubber heel that can bend and curl up to make the shoe easier to move in the wind.

Who invented it?

Mohank Mountain is a British company that has made footwear since 1929, when it started making slippers for the British Army.

The company’s sole, called the MOHONS, is designed for use in snowboarding, mountain biking and walking.

What’s in a mohanon?

The mohanons are made from a rubber that is cut with a diamond, with the diamond embedded in the material to provide a solid core that is easy to compress and fit in the shoe.

How do they work?

The shoe is fitted with an elastic at the heel and a metal loop that runs down the back of the shoe, so the foot doesn’t roll on the ground when it hits the shoe’s sole.

The Mohons is also made from an insulating material, called Teflon, that keeps the insulating layer from becoming slippery.

Is it easy to get one?

Yes, the Mohonkins are sold in a range of styles.

We like the Classic style, which is designed with a thick leather sole and a rubber sole.

You can find it on the MOSSIAN range of shoes.

What about the other styles?

There are also a range available from the HONONK brand.

The Classic is the only one we’d recommend, because it has a very thick leather outsole that has a little extra weight at the toe.

The HONONS is more like a mondo, which has a softer, more plush outsole, with a little more padding.

There are two styles of HONO, called BOSSIANS and TECANS, and you can also choose from a variety of colour options, including brown.

Is the price good?


It’s affordable and comfortable, and if you want to try a pair out, you can buy them online for £50.

How long does it take to make a pair?

You can get them made by the same company for £45.

What happens if I get sick?

If you’re feeling a little weak, you might want to consider getting a pair.

There are companies that offer a range for people who can’t walk and are looking for an alternative.

If you have any questions about shoes, ask our reporter Sarah Tysien about them on Twitter @sarah_tysien