Japanese artist Tsubasa Okazaki created a series of illustrations for the Monster House app, which was released in Japan earlier this month.

These illustrations were designed to accompany each of the house’s five main rooms and were part of the game’s free content.

The house’s three main rooms are divided into a main hall, a second floor and a basement.

The first floor contains the entrance to the main hall and a treasure chest containing a monster egg.

The second floor contains a treasure box, the third floor contains an elevator, and the fourth floor contains two stairs.

The final floor is home to the castle, where the monster’s eggs are held.

Okazaki’s illustrations for each of these rooms have a slightly different look, as well as being created for the iPhone.

One illustration depicts a man and woman in traditional Japanese dress, while the other depicts a girl in traditional samurai garb.

A third illustration features a dragon and a sword.

Monster House, like other Monster House games in the Monster Hunter series, offers free downloadable content for iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded via the app.

In addition to the Monster Houses, Okazaki has created a handful of house-themed character illustrations for mobile apps.

The Monster House’s three-person house design is reminiscent of the original Monster Hunter games.

The main room is made of a wooden panel with a table and chairs on the top and bottom, and a kitchen with a fridge, a refrigerator, and several other items on top.

The kitchen features a table with a sink and a stove, while two of the stairs lead to a dining area.

The bottom floor houses the castle’s basement, and it is the house of the monster eggs.

The floor is also the place where the player can enter and leave the house by stepping on the wooden stairs.

Other characters in the house include a tiger, a tiger in a cape, a black dragon, a dragon, and two wolves.

The player’s journey into the Monster Hall begins with a simple but fun tutorial.

In this tutorial, the player is tasked with finding a piece of paper with the letter P written on it.

They can then use the paper to open the door in the basement of the castle and open a secret passage.

The door opens to the first floor of the main house, which contains a second-floor treasure chest.

The chest contains a monster’s egg, and after collecting it, the players are allowed to take it home.

The third floor houses a treasure room, where a pair of stairs lead down into the basement, where three of the players can open the secret passage to the third-floor dungeon.

The treasure room is home and home to a boss, the Dragon, whose egg can be retrieved by dropping it on the boss’ head.

In order to open this dungeon, the monster has to be defeated and defeated again.

As the dungeon is home, the monsters in the dungeon are not afraid of the player, and are more inclined to attack the player when they see them coming.

When the dungeon opens, players are faced with a series.

The boss is a dragon with a flame breath attack, and he has two eyes and a tail.

Players can take him down by slashing at him with the blade of a bow.

Players are also attacked by a giant monster.

It can be defeated by using a bow and arrows to attack it from afar, or by simply using the monster against it.

The Dragon also has two other attacks: a shock attack and a kick attack.

The shock attack can be used to defeat the dragon if it is not attacking quickly enough.

The kick attack is more difficult to avoid and deals damage when it lands.

When players hit the Dragon with their bows, it can be knocked back, but it can also be used as a shield to block incoming damage.

The players are finally allowed to open up the final floor, which is home for the Dragon’s eggs.

In the final room, the egg is guarded by a pair a wolf and a tiger.

The wolf and tiger have a different appearance than the other monsters, as they have red eyes.

The egg has two rooms, one with a wooden floor, and one with stone floors.

The wooden floor contains four chests containing the four eggs, and each of those chests has a key.

The key unlocks the chest on the stone floor, allowing players to open its chest.

Once the player has opened the chests on the floor, they are allowed back into the main room, which has a large fire pit that fires fireballs.

When a fire ball hits the fire pit, the flames engulf the monsters, and they are defeated.

The rooms on the main floor can be visited again after defeating the boss, but the player will have to travel to the fifth floor to open a door.

Once in the fifth-floor room, players can choose to take on the Dragon.

In a final showdown, the team is faced with the boss himself.

Players must use a