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Cliff house is in the news

Cliff house in the north-east of Chennai.Photo: Nairav Mistry/File A view of Cliff house, the home of the legendary actor Ratan Tata, in the south of Chennai, India.Photo by Naira Mistry, AP source The Hindustan Times title Cliff House in Chennai, Chennai’s only real luxury home, is the most photographed house in India article Cliff […]

When will you open your new house?

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Why do cats love the black house

Cat house slippers are the perfect accessory for the cat and cat lovers.The slippers were first made in 1872 and have been the favourite slippers for centuries.Now, black house spiders have been found in the slippers and the black slipper is being dubbed the black cat’s slipper.According to The Irish Sun, black slippers have a […]

How to create 3D printed house

This week, NHL Insider’s Ryan Kennedy, who is currently living in an apartment with his wife, has shared some tips on how to print your own 3D house, which you can purchase for $10,000.1.Use an existing house.If you don’t have an existing home or can’t afford a new one, you can print one using a […]


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