I started working at a bar in New York City.

It was a place where I had a great working relationship with my manager and had a nice environment.

The food was amazing and I loved it.

I worked there for six months and ended up working there for two years.

But when I moved to Dallas I started to realize that the hype house was overrated.

I went to Whole Foods and I saw the hype houses for the first time and was like, “Wow, I don’t know if I want to do this.”

So I started my own bar and I took it over.

I love food, I love the hype.

When you think of food, you think about it being cool and being unique and being high-end.

But I feel like that hype is really limiting and it’s really just a waste of energy.

So I wanted to do something where people would be able to get great food.

When I moved from New York to Dallas, I started taking all my customers who wanted to experience the hype and make it their own.

I started bringing in other people from the city to come in and help out.

We’re the first bar in Texas to have our own kitchen and all the recipes are from people in the city.

We have the best food and I want people to be able see that.