When the Nintendo Switch announced its latest iteration, it was a big, bold leap forward in portable console gaming.

Its new screen size and a more modern processor meant the new console could run some of the most advanced games available, while simultaneously improving on the core mechanics of previous iterations.

But as the Switch’s hardware was revealed, the game that was meant to take advantage of its new capabilities didn’t exactly look like it was meant for that console.

In the past, Nintendo has struggled to make its consoles look like their PC counterparts, and the company’s latest effort, the Switch Pro Controller, looks to be a case in point.

The controller itself is a big upgrade from the Pro Controller from last year’s Switch, but it also doesn’t look like a gamepad at all.

It’s all buttons and a lot of LEDs, and it all looks like a very simple, straight-forward control scheme.

This is what the Nintendo Pro Controller looks like when it’s plugged into a Switch console.

It also doesn’s own touchpad, which was an odd decision considering that it’s supposed to be the default interface on every console released since the Nintendo 64.

The Switch Pro has a lot going for it, but there’s one thing that makes it a bit of a mystery: the buttons.

It uses a combination of analogue sticks and triggers to control the various buttons on the controller, but the gamepad buttons don’t work as intended.

Switch Pro controller in action The Switch’s new gamepad controls don’t actually work as advertised.