The family behind a house called “House of Ho” in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is proud to present its latest addition to the neighborhood: a 3D printed house.

The house, a former church and an old gas station, sits at the corner of 13th and Market Streets.

The exterior was painted white, but the interior is decorated with various colorful patterns and decorations.

The owner, who goes by the stage name “Roxy,” was inspired to create the house after seeing an old church in New Jersey.

Roxy says that she and her husband, Michael, built their home in a very simple way.

“We built a wooden house that we can put in the backyard,” Roxy said.

“It was a simple, bare-bones house that was just a basic, simple building.

I was kind of thinking, ‘Why not make it a 3-D printed building?’

It took us a few weeks to make it and it’s pretty cool.

It’s a little bit more work, but it’s very rewarding.”

The house features a small kitchen, bathroom and living room, and there’s even a library in the basement.

The couple says that they’ve never built anything like this before, and they hope that it will inspire others to do the same.

The home is currently undergoing a full renovation, with plans to move it to a bigger home soon.

You can see the finished project below.