A little-known gem in the Austin area, a magical treehouse on the edge of a residential neighborhood.

Built in 1927, the magic treehouse is on a large lot near the intersection of W. Lamar Blvd and W. Sixth Ave.

While the building has been the home of the city of Austin’s Arts and Entertainment Center for years, the city never officially sold the property, and no one has purchased it since the city demolished it in 2002.

However, the building is open for tours every other week and the site is being used for a temporary exhibition space.

The owner of the property is Anna M. and Richard M. Liles, a couple who purchased the property in 2007 for $100,000.

In the past decade, they have built dozens of other magical trees and shrubs around the area, and the couple says that many of the houses on the property are built in similar ways.

“There’s something really magical about the site that has been here since the 1920s,” Anna M said.

“We wanted to do something a little bit different with it and build something that was a little more contemporary.

And it just fits into the community.

The house is a perfect example of how people have come together to help each other out and the community has done a really good job of supporting them.”

In 2018, the couple purchased the treehouse for $200,000, but that was before the city tore it down and began to build a new, larger structure.

Today, the tree house sits empty, and its original owner is hoping that someday someone will come and buy it for a little less than the original purchase price.

The property is a public space and there are no fees or charges for tours, so if you want to tour the tree, there is no obligation to pay.

“The only cost is a couple hours and a few dollars,” Anna said.

She said she is also planning to build some more magic trees and plans to keep the site open to visitors for a few years after the current renovations.

This post originally appeared on HuffPost Austin.