There are plenty of things to like about Barbie and there are plenty to dislike.

But there’s one thing that’s not going to appeal to everyone.

So you might not want to get your hopes up that the world’s most iconic doll will soon be in your living room.

But don’t worry, because there are some great things about Barbie that are actually pretty cool.

First, the dolls are gorgeous.

That’s because Barbie’s hair is actually a real thing, and it was actually designed by the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The doll has a lot of amazing features, including a realistic-looking jaw that lets you smile, a tiny nose that lets out a smile, and the ability to walk in the way of most objects.

It’s all part of the Barbie’s overall aesthetic, which is designed to be feminine and girlish, and not just sexy.

“The way that the hair is done, it looks really natural, which we don’t always see in doll designs,” says Rachel Nussbaum, senior product manager for Barbie, which launched in 2005.

“There’s a lot more emphasis on the curves and the texture of the hair.

We also wanted to try to make the doll feel like it was a real person.

I think that is really important.”

When it comes to her personality, Barbie is pretty open about her inner struggles, which includes an inability to say “yes” to any request, and she tends to be very judgmental.

She’s a “bad mom” who doesn’t know how to help her kids properly, and even tells her ex-husband, Steve Martin, that he’s a horrible father.

“She is also very insecure,” says Nussbach.

“She’s very introverted and she’s also very narcissistic.

I do think she has this sort of ‘I’m the only one that knows’ attitude that’s very difficult to get over.”

You might not have the same sort of issues, though, if you’re looking for something a little more serious.

The Barbie that Nussbaums and Barbie creator Lisa Kudrow created in the ’80s is a very modern version of the doll, with a more realistic jaw, a much higher forehead, and a fuller face.

And she also has a personality, as evidenced by her ability to make friends with animals.

“We wanted a doll that would have that authentic, ‘I am the only person you can trust’ attitude,” says Kudrows creative director.

“You can trust her in her own mind and she can’t make you feel anything.”

You can buy the Barbie house in stores starting October 13, and its official website says that it will be available “everyday for three months.”

But you can also try it for free through the company’s website.