How to spot and avoid a sparrow problem

If you’ve ever noticed a spartan apartment building in an otherwise spacious residential neighborhood, you’re not alone.Sparrows are a common problem in many American cities.But there’s one other common way they could come to your door: housing authorities.In some cases, sparrows could be a sign of a housing problem, and they could be responsible for […]

How to Make the Perfect Peppa Pig House

I’m not a peppa pig, but if you’re going to make a peppadoo house, you need to make it with the right ingredients.The best peppa pigs have everything you need: a nice little house with a cozy yard, a big backyard, and a fireplace.I know, right?I mean, peppa puffs have been around for years, and […]

How the Bulls won the title

When the Bulls beat the Knicks in New York on Thursday night, they had the highest win total in NBA history at 17.The Bulls also won the NBA Finals for the second straight year.Now the team needs to build on that.This is the Bulls’ biggest challenge to date.The team is playing a new style of […]

How to find the perfect house shoes

For many, the choice of shoes is a matter of style and style is a number, but a new study suggests the same can be true for the style of houses.In a new paper, the researchers, led by Andrew Naughton of the University of New South Wales, found that the type of house and the […]

How to get rid of clutter: chop house

The world of house cleaning and décor is a big deal these days.Many are finding the task daunting and even overwhelming, as there are too many options.But we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to get around clutter, and we’ve also picked out a few tips for keeping things tidy while on the hunt.1.Cut […]


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